West Hill Equine Sports Therapy
Offering Infrared and Photonic Technology


Feel Better, Perform Better.

You would work harder too, if you felt better.
  1. Massage & Chiropractic Therapy
    A strained muscle can be caused by many things: -Ill fitting tack -Overuse -Over stretching -Lack of stretching prior to an event -Cooling down or warming up too quickly -Result of poor or stressful conformation -Tripping or Falling -Collisions with other horses -Imbalanced rider -Playing in the paddock Massage Therapy can help with: -Relaxation and relief of spasm, Increases drainage of lymph – most effective work in lower limb swelling reduction. -Massage increases drainage of lactic acid (the main cause of fatigue) and circulation. – can also be used to increase circulation to the hoof for horses that have: laminitis (48 hours after onset), navicular, abscess and any general heat in the hoof. -Improves joint mobility, range of motion, flexibility and elasticity, suppleness and muscle tone. While removing scar tissue and adhesions. -Decreases recovery time in injuries -Reduction of toxic build up -Promotes peristalsis (movement of the gut) results have even been reached for the relief of colic. -Assists in respiration, digestion and elimination -Can improve attitude, as pain is reduced
  2. Thermotex Infrared Therapy
    Thanks to the advanced technology utilized by Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems, deep penetrating, relaxing infrared heat is delivered to where it is needed. Thermotex™ increases hemoglobin 25% to 28%, helps relieve muscle soreness, arthritis pain, and back ache. Also, Thermotex™ helps the horse stretch out, prevents washing out, and tying up. Its most common use is for relief of pain and soreness in muscles and joints. Pre-Competition use will dramatically improve performance levels. -Removes lactic acid build-up in muscles -Removes soreness due to injury -Removes inflammation of the joints caused by arthritis -Removes sinus inflammation -Enhances respiratory system -Removes sinus congestion -Acts as a diuretic and helps bleeders -Reduces lactic acid levels to prevent tying up during competition Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems are proven in reducing lactic acid build-up, helping a non-sweater sweat, and increasing kidney function. They also help bring out the natural oil of the skin, making hair glisten. Using Thermotex™ Equine Therapy Systems makes colic a thing of the past provided that early treatment has been performed.
  3. Ahh Light Photonic Therapy
    Photonic Therapy is a safe, natural, non-invasive way to promote healing and control pain. This therapy has been proven to help animals as well as people. Red and near-infrared light can penetrate tissue because they are not blocked by blood or water as much as other wavelengths. This wavelength is used in medical settings for burn treatment, wound healing, joint and muscle pain, sports injuries, etc. The brain receives signals to release endorphins and serotonin into the body. This chain reaction can: -Reduces pain and swelling -Increases lymphatic activity -Strengthens the immune system -Accelerates cell regeneration -Increases circulation -Relaxes muscles -Increases anti-viral properties -Encourages collagen production -Regulates serotonin levels The Red Light Laser can be used on: -Acute/Chronic Injuries -Arthritis/Joint Pain -Back Pain -Behaviors: fear, aggression, anxiety, depression -Colic/digestion issues -Cough/Colds -Circulation -Edema -Viral infections -Muscle Strains & Soreness -Tendon/Ligament Injuries -Cuts and Open Wounds -Shock -Immune System Disorders -Scars -Body Soreness -Lameness/Laminitis -Stifle, Hocks and much, much more!


Massage & Chiropractic Therapy Session:                        $80
Sessions are approximately 1.5 hours

Thermotex Session: (Minimum 30 min)
30 min                                                                          $30
45 min                                                                          $40
60 min                                                                          $50
*FREE 30 min session with the purchase of two Massage Therapy sessions!

Photonic Therapy Session:   (laser therapy only)                                       $40

Massage, Chiro & Photonic Therapy                                                              $110
30 min Thermotex and Massage                                                        $110
30 min Thermotex, Massage, & Photonic Therapy           $130

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